Drive Angry 3D Exclusive On-Camera Interviews

Drive Angry 3D Exclusive On-Camera Interviews
Drive Angry 3D Interviews. Directed by Patrick Lussier. Starring Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard, William Fichtner, Billy Burke, Todd Farmer, and David Morse. Staci Layne Wilson, Enzo Giobbe
Updated: 02-25-2011

Check out our exclusive, on-camera interviews with the creative team behind Drive Angry 3D -- writer/director Patrick Lussier, and co-scribe/co-star Todd Farmer, on what sets their eye-popping cinematic experience apart from the rest (I just had to ask... why do I sometimes get a headache for 3D, and sometimes not?). The answer may surprise you. They also talk about the amazing muscle cars, the kitschy tunes, and why Drive Angry 3D is actually a "family film."

Also, just for kicks, we got a few moments with William Fitchner who plays The Accountant, sort of a repo-man of souls, sent straight from hell to come and get Nicolas Cage (I know, I know... some of you have been wishing The Accountant would have come along before The Wicker Man remake, but seriously, Cage is really great in this!).


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