Illusion Industries Inc. expands their presence in Louisiana with “Dylan Dog: Dead of Night”

Illusion Industries Inc. expands their presence in Louisiana with “Dylan Dog: Dead of Night”
Updated: 03-12-2011

Baton Rouge, LA -- Illusion Industries Inc, known for their crew’s work with special make-up effects, announced today their expansion in Louisiana with the opening of their 5,000sq foot shop in Jefferson Parish to accompany the existing office in Baton Rouge. President and Creative Director, Todd Tucker, said, “With more of the industry having a presence in NOLA, it only made sense for us to be a part of offering the best incentives to our clients, studios, and filmmakers. We couldn’t be happier to time our opening with the announcement of the release date for ‘Dylan Dog: Dead of Night’. Some of our best work is showcased in that film and began our relationship with the State of Louisiana.” Tucker and crew created all of the monster make-up and demon creature effects for the film that was headed up and applied on site by Illusion staffer Martin Astles under the company’s former banner Drac Studios. Astles spoke highly of the film and stated, “The most enjoyable part of this film was being able to go back to the original methods of creature design and effects. It was a blessing to be able to do almost everything practically. We were able to accomplish a lot with a very small crew to execute well over 150 creatures in the film but much credit must go to the director and producers of the film who were very sympathetic to our needs to accomplish what is in the final film. This is a great example of a group effort from shop floor employees to on-set laborers to CG artists. The local pool of talent was a huge part of pulling off our final effects along with a great digital effects supervisor who was extremely helpful in accomplishing the final look.”
“Illusion’s expansion of their high end make up and special FX operations in Louisiana is a great example of the opportunity our burgeoning entertainment industry is providing for all aspects of the business, from film to music to gaming to live performance,” said Christopher Stelly, Director of Film for Louisiana Entertainment, a division of Louisiana Economic Development. “Illusion’s expanded presence here really highlights everything Louisiana has done to grow this sector of our economy and adds yet another dimension to our mature infrastructure. We’re very pleased that Illusion chose to enhance its Louisiana presence and look forward to continued growth of their operations here.”

About Illusion Industries Inc.
is a special effects makeup studio that offers productions the latest techniques in prosthetic makeup, animatronics, puppets, specialty costumes and production services. Illusion Industries Inc. was founded by Todd Tucker and Ronald L. Halvas featuring the combined shop expertise and on-set experience of Tucker, Joe Colwell , Martin Astles, Miles Teves, Anthony Francisco, Seth William Meier, and Adam Walls. Our combined and innovative talents offer a history of providing unforgettable characters and creatures for over 100 credited films, television shows, videos and commercials. Most recently their work can be seen in such films as The Double, The Courier, Deathgames along with the Gargamel Make-Up design for Sony’s upcoming film, "The Smurfs,” and such TV projects as “Sons of Anarchy,” “The Nine Lives of Chloe King,” and Nickelodeon’s most recent pilot, “Krog.”


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