Comic-Con 2011 Photo Report

Comic-Con 2011 Photo Report
SDCC 2011 - Francis Ford Coppola and Val Kilmer on Twixt; Joe Cornish on Attack the Block; Tarsem Singh, Henry Cavill, Frieda Pinto & Stephen Dorff on Immortals; Colin Farrell and Chris Sarandon on Fright Night; Kat McPhee and David R. Ellis on Shark Night 3D; Guillermo del Toro and Guy Pearce on Don't Be Afraid of the Dark; Kate Beckinsale on Underworld 4; and John Cusack on The Raven.
Updated: 07-30-2011


Top Ten Most Memorable Things About Comic-Con 2011

by Staci Layne Wilson


10. The sickly but seductive sweetness of the Butterfinger martini at the party.

9. Getting to see a clip of Final Destination 5 in 3D and having it be a scene we actually saw being shot on the set in Vancouver.

8. Meeting Chris Sarandon and talking to him about Fright Nights V 1.0 and the remake.

7. Riding the mechanical shark at the Shark Night 3D party and not getting bucked off.

6. Geeking out on interviweing Marc Webb, not because of Spider-Man 4 - but because of (500) Days of Summer!

5. Director's injuries: Guillermo del Toro's back sprain; Francis Ford Coppola's bad knee (this would factor in later for my #1 Most Memorable Moment).

4. Val Kilmer's bizarre answers to my mudane questions on Twixt. I said something typically, journalisitcally dumb like, "What drew you to this role?" And then his 10 minute answer, culminating in something about Matisse's artwork.

3. Colin Farrell being extra sweet, and even doing a "Chewbacca" impersonation.

2. Mistakenly calling Kat McPhee by Kat Denning's name.

1. Conducting an interview from Francis Ford Coppola's good knee (at his request... he made me an offer I couldn't refuse!)


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Chuck Jones Gallery


Chuck Jones Gallery


Conan O'Brien Coco Moca Gallery (temporary)


Conan O'Brien Coco Moca Gallery (temporary) - Lego Coco!


Tara McPherson Booth, manned by lovely lady Shannon Currie Holmes


Alice in Wonderland meets Sherry Potter


Charles Band's Booth


Gaslamp Quarter by Night!


This about sums up Comic-Con


Smurf 'n Super-kid


Fearnet party participants, director Ryan Schiffrin, and producers Peter Block and Theresa Schifrin


Hitfix Comic-Con kick-off party decor.


In Time red carpet promo. In Time is the latest sci-fi film from Gattaca director Peter Niccol.


Francis Ford Coppola at Comic-Con! He was there to help promote Twixt, which is a road-tour movie, that can be edited live in real time to suit the audience's mood play-by-play.


Staci Layne Wilson chatting with FFC (to see #1 Memorable Moment, check out video #1 of our Comic-Con video coverage)


Guy Pearce hasn't seen the original Don't Be Afraid of the Dark.


Immortals' mere mortals.


Kat McPhee (not Dennings!)


Shark Night 3D


Memorable moment #3


Philip Kim and Sean Fernald manning the Famous Monsters booth














Actor Doug Jones shows off the Butterfinger Martini at the Fearnet party









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