Nick Principe in ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2 - Exclusive Interview

Nick Principe in ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2 - Exclusive Interview
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Updated: 09-10-2011

While Laid To Rest: Chromeskull 2 has enjoyed a few successful screenings here and there (the debut at Comic-Con was packed to the rafters), most fans won't have the opportunity to see it until it bows on DVD via Anchor Bay on September 20, 2011. I did manage to get a word in edgewise (we're talking knife's edge, natch) with the man of the hour, the killer with the power, and the actor who really is a "nice guy in the real" life, Nick Principe. He talked exclusively to about a variety of things, perhaps the most unusual of which is speculation on how Meryl Streep might approach the role of killer Chromeskull!



Staci Layne Wilson: Explain a bit for those who don't know, what makes Chromeskull different from, say, a Freddy or a Jason.


Nick Principe: Chromeskull is not supernatural... he doesn't lumber about, he's not  out of his mind, he knows exactly what he's doing, and he's very clean cut... well, he used to be. I see him as vain as possible; he's the worst kind of monster because he's human. Some people don't like that... but it's why I love him.


Q: This is the second film in the Chromeskull series; explain how he's changed from the last one.


He's exactly the same....except WAAAAY MORE PISSED OFF, like I said, he's vain as hell and now he doesn't have a face. Which has made him a ball of fury. Whatever hatred he's had towards women is tenfold now.


[in this one] you get a little back-story to CS.... but what I think we stepped up the most is the kills... love or hate these films, you can't say shit about the kills and FX. They are at an amazing level.


Q: Were you an actor before Chromeskull? If not, how'd the gig come along?


I studied acting back east but with my fighting background, stunts came first. I used that to try and get more roles, mostly creature work. Which I love, but yes, I'd acted plenty before this.


Q: Do you consider playing a character like Chromeskull to be "acting" - if so, how much so? Could Meryl Streep do it?


Meryl Streep CAN DO ANYTHING... She's brilliant . I wouldn't leave any stunts up to her, though! I don't know; this can be debated, but I think someone like me (or guys like me) that are so passionate about horror and especially the slasher sub-genre will always spit out a better performance. But there is a certain strained delivery to playing a silent character. Your body has to display emotion. Take the first film, before I kill the shop owner I sighed aloud [that was] improv and I'm so glad Rob (Hall, the director) kept it in. It really displayed his frustration of the nights "work" without saying a word. It's easy until you have to do it; anyone could do it... only some can do it well.... and I hope I'm the latter.


Q: You really seem to own the role. I really couldn't imagine anyone else playing him... What of yourself did you bring to him that wasn't in the script?


 I just love him so much. This is what I came to LA for. I wanted to be Kane Hodder —taking nothing away from his amazing job as Jason, but now I'm going for Boris Karloff (big shoes, I know). I got that chance and didn't fuck it up. There's a piece of me in anything I do. I kind of move slow, but move very quick when provoked; that's a CS element for sure. Total honesty: EVERY character I play, I always think of Roy Batty from Blade Runner. That presence is unmatched and I dumped a lot of Roy in CS. But  the knife twirls were mine, the turtle neck was me (originally he was gonna wear a black shirt and tie), and I found the knife which has been a CS staple. I always say this is Rob's child, and my step child. He means the world to me. (And thank you, Staci... you flatter me.)


Q: I really couldn't see anyone else as Chromeskull. Now, you've got Brian Austin Green in this one as sort of an obsessive Chromeskull fan-boy... Do the two of you interact in the story at all? (I was on set as I know you recall, but have yet to see the final film… had to miss the screening at Comic-Con, unfortunately.)


Yeah we have some pretty damn cool scenes together. My take on this plot set-up is this CS is an UBER millionaire. Almost a statement that anyone can be bought. Like, he does these horrible things, but pays people to help him and look the other way. When I'm on the road per say, B.A.G is the main guy. He gets it in his head I'm washed up because I was so badly hurt, gets his first taste of murder and thinks he can take over my thang.... for which he is gravely mistaken!


Q: When you were reading the script on this one, was there anything specifically that made you go, 'Yes! This is a scene I cannot wait to do!'


All the kills.... always the most fun. Or specific stalking scenes. It's fun to fuck with the actors. In the sequel there's a three-way kill where we didn't cut, it just moves right through it. Plus I kill cops... what's not to love there?


Q: Any scenes you felt unsure of trying?


At first in the script, it said my face was going to be set on fire. I commonly have about 30 seconds of fear, then shrug my shoulders and say, "Fuck it. I'll find a way to make it work." Making it worked ended up not having to happen.... where we were shooting we couldn't get the permits to set me on fire indoors. So, it had to be CGI. I was bummed about that because I love to keep it practical. Win some, lose some.


Q: Your physicality has got to be limiting when it comes to what other types of characters you can play - but have you got some other stuff lined up?


I got into this biz knowing damn well that I'll NEVER be Brad Pitt or play the "dad" on  a sitcom, or something. I play bad guys. And you know what? I love it. I'm 6' 7" and 258 lbs., and sleeved with tattoos but it hasn't limited me yet to my knowledge; but I don't care. I'm a good guy in real life and so its waaaay more fun to be evil in the movies.


Q: Will there be a Chromeskull 3?


When you get to the ending of Chromeskull 2, stay for the credits too… Fuck yeah, there will be a part 3! I wanna make these for as long as Rob is involved… and, as long as they don't send me to space!






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