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Updated: 10-20-2011

As usual, October’s a busy month for hard-working horror legend John Skipp: not just as a novelist, but as a boundary-challenging book editor and filmmaker as well.
First up is Demons: Encounters With the Devil and His Minions, Fallen Angels, and the Possessed. This 640-page mammoth anthology features work ranging from Poe and Lovecraft to Neil Gaiman, Kim Harrison, and William Peter Blatty. It’s a wild mix of classic and original tales, from sweet, subtle and funny to ferociously hardcore.
Demons is the third collection Skipp has edited for Black Dog and Leventhal (Zombies: Encounters With the Hungry Dead and Werewolves and Shapeshifters: Encounters With the Beast Within), as part of their Supernatural series. “I feel like I’m building monuments,” he says, “with the best writers in the history of the field handing me the building blocks.”
Next is the launch of Fungasm Press, Skipp’s new publishing imprint under Eraserhead Press’s Bizarro publishing empire. He’s just released the first two titles: Laura Lee Bahr’s debut novel, Haunt (“a tripping-balls L.A. noir/Bizarro hall of mirrors”) and Violet LeVoit’s incendiary short story collection I Am Genghis Cum. (Both Bahr and LeVoit also appear in Demons.)
Skipp says, “Fungasm books take place where mainstream and genre fiction collide with the totally fucking strange, right here on Earth. And these are two of my favorite new writers, doing work that’s otherwise almost impossible to categorize. That’s exciting. That’s a Fungasm, for me.”
Meanwhile, Skipp & Spector’s 1987 splatterpunk classic The Cleanup returns, this time as an e-book from Crossroad Press. Perhaps the darkest and most personal of Skipp’s early works, he calls this tale – of a supernatural vigilante who finds that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions – “sort of a Portrait of the Artist as a Young Asshole”.
With this release, all of Skipp & Spector’s six novels are available as e-books: The Light at the End, The Scream, Dead Lines and Animals are also with Crossroad, while The Bridge remains with Dorchester Press.
Finally, Skipp and his filmmaking team release the official trailer for Rose: The Bizarro Zombie Musical, featuring fresh and gory footage designed to show the horror side of this cult film-in-the-making.
“We knew that we hadn’t brought the horror,” he says, “and that people needed to see it to believe it. Thank God for Kickstarter and our supporters, whose contributions allowed us to shoot this new scene, bring the tension and fear that totally balance out the wackiness.
“We believe this trailer finally shows what Rose is all about, in one compressed kaleidoscope of high-voltage crazy. It also reveals the range of our phenomenal star, Chase McKenna.”

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