7500 Ways To Die

7500 Ways To Die
Updated: 01-31-2012

7500 concerns a group of passengers who encounter what appears to be a supernatural force while on a transpacific flight.
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Cast & Crew includes: Ryan Kwanten (TV’s “True Blood”), Leslie Bibb (Zookeeper), Nicky Whelan (Hall Pass), Jerry Ferrera (TV’s  “Entourage”), Christian Serratos (Twilight Saga), Jamie Chung  (Hangover Part II), Amy Smart (TV’s “Shameless”), producer Roy Lee (The Ring), Producer Taka Ichise (The Grudge)  and director Takashi Shimzu (The Grudge)

7500, directed by The Grudge filmmaker Takashi Shimizu will be released Aug. 31 from CBS Films.

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