Camel Spiders Blu-ray DVD Movie Review

Camel Spiders Blu-ray DVD Movie Review
Directed by Jim Wynorski. Starring Brian Krause, C. Thomas Howell, and Jessica Cameron.
Updated: 03-26-2012
I wonder if camel spiders give their victims 8-fold camel toe? Since the body the crabby critters stow away in, in the beginning, is male… I guess I’ll never know. Unless there’s a distaff sequel. Not that I’m begging for one, but when it comes to these creature features ala SyFy Channel, there’s bound to be a follow-up.
Set-up shows mutant arachnid in Iraq, hiding in the bio-degrading body of a fallen soldier, getting shipped, and finally unleashing themselves at a group of camping kids in the Anywhere USA woods. Needless to say, this chain of events invites plenty of mishaps and mash-ups: car chase and wreck; science fiction and horror. Joining the fray along with the military and campers, is your standard issue “local sheriff” looking to get to the crux of the creepy crawly conundrum.
When it’s Roger Corman (in name only, presumably) and SyFy (very much involved, as they originally premiered this flick on air), you know you’re in for some cheesy f/x. Camel Spiders is no exception. While the DVD boasts more gore, it isn’t any more believable than the bloodless version – some of the spatter looks as though it was drawn with crayon. For some, this will only add to the enjoyment. For others – not so much. I’m divided. I got into the goofy grand guignol here and there, but there wasn’t enough of it to be either here nor there.
There’s even less here and there when it comes to the “extras” – why bother with the fancy Blu-ray treatment, if you’re not gonna exploit your b-grade pseudo exploitation with a director’s commentary (Wynorski’s legendary in some circles – who else digs Chopping Mall, and Not of This Earth? – so yak track is warranted), some behind the scenes, or actor interviews?
Also out this week on Blu-ray is the doc Corman’s World, which I reviewed here during its limited theatrical release – read it here, won’t you?
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Reviewed by Staci Layne Wilson
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