The Possession Starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan

The Possession Starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Updated: 05-04-2012

Starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan (WATCHMEN) and Kyra Sedgwick (“The Closer”), THE POSSESSION will be in theaters everywhere August 31, 2012.  For the latest news and updates, be sure to like the official Facebook page:
Also be sure to read about the true story that inspired the film in this LA Times article:


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It is one of my favourite movies, It's just awesome! ::wink::
07-04-2014 by GhostHuntress discuss
Such a good Movie!!!!
02-09-2014 by z0mbez discuss
Beautiful! :)
05-18-2012 by roshiq discuss
The poster alone put this on my watch list.
05-06-2012 by ImmortalSlasher discuss
[QUOTE=newb;924267]that's one rad fucking cool poster do they still say "rad" ?[/QUOTE] Bring it back, newb! That really is a pretty rad poster, though.
05-05-2012 by fortunato discuss