Raze — Interviews from the set: Bailey Borders

Raze — Interviews from the set: Bailey Borders
Updated: 08-06-2012


by Staci Wilson
Bailey Marshall, a new actress in her first big role, tells Horror.com all about what it's like to go toe-to-toe with badass action star (and producer) Zoe Bell!
Staci Layne Wilson / Horror.com: Robert Beaucage, the one of the producers and the writer of Raze, told me a little bit about how you got the role but I want to hear it in your own words…
Bailey Borders:   How I got the role? I worked with Cosmic Toast, which is producing it and they posted a breakdown on breakdown and then we had 30 girls come and audition. And I was one of them. It was probably the hardest audition process that I had been through. He did emotional scenes and then there were callbacks the same day, and it went well.
What was your audition scene?
Bailey Borders:   It was a scene with Zoe Bell's character and at the callback there was also a scene with Tracy's character and they were both at the callback so we got to work with them in the audition, which was really cool. We kind of got to see the chemistry and it was a scene in the jail cell, where my character is kind of expressing her. She's very distraught. She's expressing her emotions about her worry.
And who do you play in the film?
Bailey Borders:   I play Cody she's the youngest of everyone that's been kidnapped and she's kind of naïve and and she's an emotional wreck.
What's her background?
Bailey Borders:   She's just a student at City College. She wanted to be an on camera news reporter before she got kidnapped. And I don't want to give too much away, but she has some skeletons in her closet.
Do you have to go through a lot of makeup in this movie? You look relatively unscathed at the moment…
Bailey Borders:   Yeah, I get bruises every day. There will be a scene where I get really bloodied up, which we haven't shot yet. So I'm excited for it.
I bet you're looking forward to that.
Bailey Borders:   I am yeah, I see the girls coming and going and some of them are drenched in blood. So it's exciting.
Did you have to learn any choreographed fights?
Bailey Borders:   Yes. This man, Mr. James Young over here (seated in Bailey's trailer), he's our stunt coordinator, and I trained with him two or three weeks before we started shooting, and he choreographed all of our fights, and it was really cool because I had never done stunts before.
Did you feel like you had an aptitude for it?
Bailey Borders:   Yeah, I had lot of fun learning and I tried to learn quickly, but I think that's been probably the most fun for me is learning all the fights that I have to do and the stunts.
Now this is an action horror movie…
Bailey Borders:   Yes.
Are you a fan of horror films?
Bailey Borders:   Oh yes. I've always wanted to do scary movies and action stuff. I like the adrenaline rush.
What are some of your favorites?
Bailey Borders:   I like the Saw movies. I think I watched Amityville Horror. When I was little and my mom loves scary movies. I watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre with her and Amityville Horror and I got hooked.
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