Raze — Interviews from the set: Rebecca Marshall

Raze — Interviews from the set: Rebecca Marshall
Updated: 08-06-2012


by Staci Wilson
A few weeks ago, I got to visit the set of Raze, the upcoming action and horror film starring Zoe Bell and Rachel Nichols. It's a very brutal, bloody film (that's the horror angle), but it's mostly a story of Gladiator-like fighting — using captive women — and we had a chance to talk with Rebecca Marshall, who plays one of the contestants who's just a little too into her predicament.
Staci Layne Wilson / Horror.com: Who do you play in Raze?
Rebecca Marshall: I play Phoebe she's a sociopath who as much as she was kidnapped, she is willingly there. She actually enjoys the fact that she is there, because she's pretty much been ostracized by society, her whole life. And now she's being accepted for what she does, and her behavior. And I think that for her, without giving away too much, she feels that she is climbing a ladder of acceptance, and there is nothing wrong with it. I have never in my life enjoyed playing a character as much as I enjoy playing her. It's been great. I love coming to work. I love dialing into her. I love playing her. At times it's tough, but in a good way. She's slightly the comedic relief, but in a sick twisted way. So the way she was written, [spoke] to me as soon as I read the script. The director Josh called me and said we you look at the script and I called him and I said… 'man. I want you to give that part to me,' because I fell in love with her, which sounds so silly.
As an actor it's a great thing to be able to kind of have that one that's a little bit different, I imagine.
Rebecca Marshall: It is. I think you very rarely get to explore characters to this extreme. And I felt really blessed excited to be able to come and do this project.
What would you say was the greatest challenge to play her?
Rebecca Marshall: Her mind set.
Was there something different that you hadn't done?
Rebecca Marshall: Yeah, I just think you know, I've never judged any character that I've ever played. And to not be able to judge Phoebe and see where she's coming from and it's actually a place of acceptance and why she goes into fight these girls. And why it's okay for her to not have this attachment, but also from where she comes from and who she is. And I think you have to find that in every character that you do and forth maybe because she is someone that comes from such brutality. You have to find that acceptance with her and I did.
What's the most brutal thing that she's done, was it physical or psychological, that she has inflicted on someone else?
Rebecca Marshall: I think that she inflicts both. I think she kind of covers all her bases in the sense of messing with people psychologically, because she plays their own emotions on themselves because she doesn't really have an emotional attachment. So I think what she does is take everyone else's weaknesses and plays them on themselves. She obviously physically wise really enjoys killing people. She has a sick twisted way of having a release when she kills people.
Sounds intense.
Rebecca Marshall: Yeah. It is. You'll love her. She's a wonderful person.
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