"Seed of Chuck" Premiere and Interviews

"Seed of Chuck" Premiere and Interviews
Horror.com visits the world premiere and talks to Tiffany, Jennifer Tilly, and Chucky himself.
Updated: 12-18-2004

Chucky has been around the Horror Universe for quite a few years now, but he doesn't look much older. Just because the "Child's Play" star still looks young doesn't mean the little guy hasn't learned a few things over the years. He even has something to say about Britney Spears! The other stars also lined up for Horror.com's Staci Wilson. Why does Jennifer Tilly keep coming back for more movie-land abuse? What does Tiffany think of Hollywood? Find out the answers to those questions and more by clicking below.

Just added - check out the exclusive Horror.com video from the world premiere of "Seed of Chucky" - you won't find this anywhere else on the web!

"Seed of Chucky" Premiere:
Seed of Chucky Premiere
Click The Image Above To View The "Seed of Chucky" Red Carpet Premiere.

"Seed of Chucky" Interviews:
Seed of Chucky Interviews
Click The Image Above To View The "Seed of Chucky" Interviews.

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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by usahorrorfan [/i] [B]i saw that damn movie thats not Horror [/B][/QUOTE] It's really not horror, Thats movie sucked ass, all it talks about is Chucky being a gay ass star.
01-17-2005 by Michaels Shape discuss
Hey, the movie may not be horror, but it's fucking hilarious... Billy Boyd (voice of Glen) is the sexiest man alive. I will say, though, Childs Play 1-3 are way better than Seed (and Bride).
01-16-2005 by RavenNevermore discuss
i saw that damn movie thats not Horror
12-05-2004 by usahorrorfan discuss