Big Bear Horro-Fi Film Festival L.A. Kick-Off Party

Big Bear Horro-Fi Film Festival L.A. Kick-Off Party
Big Bear Horro-Fi Film Festival 2011, Chris Gaida, Heather Langenkamp, I Am Nancy, The Key to Annabel Lee, Jeffrey Reddick, Ogre, OhGr, Jamie Kristen
Updated: 09-28-2011


Are you a Nancy? How about an Annabel? I have a professional interest in the first question, and a personal one in the latter.
Heather Langenkamp, who played Nancy in the original Wes Craven A Nightmare on Elm Street, has produced an autobiographical feature film entitled I Am Nancy, which will be headlining opening night at the 2011 Big Bear Horro-Fi Film Festival on Friday, September 30. I Am Nancy director Arlene Marechal will be present to introduce the film and discuss with fans.
That same evening, my first film, a short romantic thriller called The Key to Annabel Lee [a woman in triptych] will also be playing. Big Bear is its third festival showing, and I couldn't be happier to have it in such wonderful company at such an amazing venue (unlike most fledgling festivals, each with their usual fits and starts, I have heard nothing but the best about Big Bear). My film is comprised of three petite puzzle-pieces; I'm not sure which one will be playing that night, but each stars Ogre (Repo! The Genetic Opera) so you are sure to be entertained and awed by him no matter what.
Heather and I were at the party, along with a plethora of filmmakers, actors, writers, and festival folks. The fancy fete was held in the heart of Hollywood at the trendy St. Felix Restaurant & Lounge and was sponsored by Crystal Head Vodka. Here are a few pics…
Heather Langenkamp & Staci Layne Wilson
Amanda Wyss ("Tina") & Heather Langenkamp ("Nancy") - Freddy's faves!
Staci Layne Wilson & Daniel Farrands
(co-director, Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy)
with Chris Gaida, Big Bear Horro-Fi Festival Director
& Director of Programming
Jeffrey Reddick (Paralyzed) & Jaime Kristen, Big Bear Horro-Fi Festival Director & Director of Logistics
with Annette Slomka (Line Producer, Never Sleep Again) & Tammi Sutton (filmmaker with Isle of Dogs premiering at Shriekfest)
Other films to show on Friday (we're just talking the tip of the ice-pick here… the Festival runs on Saturday and Sunday too!) are Paralyzed, featuring the stellar screenwriting skills of Jeffrey Reddick, who wrote the first Final Destination film. I am also really looking forward to seeing the uber-talented Amit Tishler's animated shorts (the ones on film, not the ones he's wearing), as well as Show Me and I Didn't Come Here to Die.
Visit the official website for ticket info and the entire festival programme


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