Horror Ride Preview, Summer 2004

Horror Ride Preview, Summer 2004
Get the latest info on the hottest horror-themed amusement park rides for the summer of 2004.
Updated: 07-17-2004

Summer is upon us again and that means that school is out, vacation time is here, and you've earned the right to relax and have some fun. What better way to spend the summer than riding roller coasters?

This year, there is great news for horror fans thinking of visiting an amusement park. There are no less than three new horror-themed rides that you must check out. Two of them are at Universal Studios and one is at the Disney parks. If you're lucky enough to live in California or Florida, you can probably drive - otherwise, book your plane tickets and get ready for a screaming fun time.

To help you decide which one you want to see first, check out the following videos for info on each new horror ride:

Revenge of the Mummy Ride - Universal Studios:

Revenge of the Mummy
Click The Image Above To View the Mummy Ride Video.

Twilight Zone, Tower of Terror Ride - Disney Adventure Park:

Tower of Terror
Click The Image Above To View the Tower of Terror Ride Video.

Van Helsing Ride - Universal Studios:

Van Helsing
Click The Image Above To View the Van Helsing Ride Video.

Picture galleries coming soon - check back!

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