Halloween Costume Ideas - Topical Horror for 2010

Halloween Costume Ideas - Topical Horror for 2010
Halloween costumes inspired by 2010's horror and thriller movies.
Updated: 10-26-2010



The Human Centipede from The Human Centipede
Medical experiment x3
What you'll need: Three people, plenty of gauze, and not much dignity.
Tips to Terrify: If you have a fourth person who can act as the diabolical Dr. Heiter, so much the better.
= = =
Billy from Saw 3D
Trike-riding messenger of doom
What you'll need: Makeup, a suit like Billy's, and a little tricycle or/and mini-cassette to carry around as visual aids.
Tips to Terrify: Perfect the maniacal chortle.
= = =
Abby from Let Me In
Forlorn young vampiress
What you'll need: A drab hoodie or mom's red-stained housedress, blood for the corners of your mouth, and perhaps a Rubix cube.
Tips to Terrify: Keep asking to be let in.
= = =
Freddy Rebooted from A Nightmare on Elm Street 
Misunderstood dream-stealer
What you'll need: Realistic burned-skin makeup, a singed fedora, signature sweater, and claw.
Tips to Terrify: Make sure everyone knows you're the new Freddy by donning a pair of Jackie Earle Haley's trademark blue-tinted eyeglasses.
= = =
Derrick Jones from Piranha 3D
NOT Joe Francis
What you'll need: Swim trunks, some fake piranhas stuck to yourself, flake blood, and a couple of hot chicks in bikinis to walk around with you (if you cannot swing that latter bit, a model-release form and a video camera will do)
Tips to Terrify: Don't forget the 3D glasses.
= = =
Alice from Resident Evil: Afterlife
Kickass clone
What you'll need: Skintight black cat-suit with all the accents, and big, fake guns.
Tips to Terrify: 3D glasses (again!)
= = =
Lily from Night of the Demons
Kitty-cat who knows sleight of hand
What you'll need: A very sexy black corset getup, cat ears, and drawn-on whiskers.
Tips to Terrify: Tuck a tube of lipstick at the top of your corset.
= = =
Machete Cortez from Machete
The wrong Mexican
What you'll need: A bevy of beauties carrying cell phones, an open-chested leather vest to show off your senorita tattoo.
Tips to Terrify: Don't text.
 = = =
Lisbeth Salander from The Girl Who Played with Fire
Killer computer whiz
What you'll need: Heavy black eyeliner, a short-cropped black wig, a nose-ring.
Tips to Terrify: In spite of her all-over biker attire, you might find some spare skin to show off a fake dragon tattoo.
= = =
The Wolfman
Moonstruck actor
What you'll need: Victorian attire, wolf ears, wolf-like gloves with claws.
Tips to Terrify: Carry a bucket of ice cubes with you.



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